Immune system strengthened with nutrition

The damage in nerves caused by disease or injury Can be repaired by the consumption of foods that favor the immune system Y nervous . There are many foods that contain vitamins , especially A, B, C and D, minerals Y antioxidants .

This type of nutrition not only reinforces the immune system and repairs the damage to nerves , but it promotes a good Health general. Therefore, we present you those who will help you:


Vitamin A

This type of foods helps fight and prevent viral diseases ; In addition, it is compatible with thymus gland, which is part of the immune system .

The fish oily as the Salmon , contains this vitamin Y Omega 3 , which also helps to repair the damage. Veal liver, dairy products and carrots include elements that become Vitamin A in the body.


Vitamin B

The white blood cells protect the body against diseases that cause invasions, and the Vitamin B promotes the function of these cells. Whole grains such as rice, soy and veal liver are rich in this essential nutrient. The incorporation of one of these foods in a diet daily, ensures optimal benefits for the repair of damages in the nerves .

Vitamin C

Most fruits and vegetables contain significant amounts of vitamin C, who support the immune system of the whole body On the other hand, green tea contains 500 times the amount of vitamin C than a cup of a single serving of fruits or vegetables.


Vitamin E

Cereals, nuts and seeds support the repair of nerves . Certain types of cells white of the blood produce antibodies , that adhere to certain virus Unwanted and infections attack the body.

Is vitamin help produce antibodies and it's effective to stimulate the immune system . You can find it in nuts, seeds and vegetable oils.


Sea salt

The human body requires 1 to 2 gr. of Salt per day. The repair of damages in the nerves with sea ​​salt raw helps to stimulate cells damaged or sick, and adds to a immune system healthy. Is Salt Natural works with the body instead of fighting against it.

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