Imaginary walls?

Although it is more common to leave an unfinished project or renounce the challenge that is presented, than to have successes. The give up it is an experience that brings as a consequence feelings like failure, unhappiness, Anguish and stress. But nevertheless, What not to do to stop having perseverance?


Perseverance is that positive quality that allows us to continue advancing towards our objectives despite the obstacles ", This is how the psychologist Antonio Martínez .


Imaginary walls?

Give up has an origin, and according to the professor in psychology of the University of Hertfordshire, Ben Fletcher , there are three reasons that make us renounce our dreams.

1. Knowledge or emotions. The research clearly shows that the information and the knowledge they are not enough to make a change. This is because, in most cases, you do not react according to what is reasonable but what you feel.

2. Goodbye to the will power . An investigation carried out in the Florida State University suggests that willpower It is a limited resource. It is also a resource that throughout the day and time tends to succumb to pleasurable factors; example, eating if you are diet .

3. You are not a habit-changing machine . A large part of our actions are done automatically. And although it can be changed, this process requires a series of alterations; that is, this mechanism is fragmented in brain . Reason why you fail when you only want to change a habit and not those around you.

Stop giving up is a process that requires time, and a job that begins and ends only in you. Do not despair and continue in the change of your life!

Video Medicine: Plastique Noir-Imaginary Walls (April 2023).