If it's a bad experience ...

Have an experience negative sexual in the first time it is directly related to the expectations that are held about it; why your life is affected by the first experience sexual.

The University of Tennessee , revealed that people who feel loved ones and respected since their first sexual relationship, qualify their subsequent sexual encounters as satisfactory.

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If it's a bad experience ...

Researchers from the department of psychology at the Dunedin School of Medicine, indicate in another study, that insecurity, frustrations , fears or anxiety generated by the bad moment can harm orgasm, sexual desire and excitement.

In particular, consider the first sexual relationship as something disappointing I was able to generate sexual problems in men, such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction; in women vaginismus or anorgasmia, the research indicates.


What can be done?

According to the experts, if you experienced a bad experience at the beginning, you must remember that not all sexual partners are the same and that you can explore new sensations by talking with your partner, for them there are also psychotherapists who can help overcome these episodes.


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