Identify an addict on the internet

A person who is in a vulnerable moment and who is looking for a means to escape reality or the problem is easier to develop the addiction to the internet or anything else, says psychologist Aliza Edelson.

The specialist of the Patient Assistance Clinic of the Psychoanalytic Society of Mexico (SPM) states that addictions are divided into two, that is, those that have a physical or psychological component.

The first includes acquired by a substance such as alcohol, pills, while the latter are those that encompass emotions such as play.

Psychological addictions are difficult to eradicate and generate a withdrawal syndrome similar to those developed by substances, because they generate the same kind of pleasure in the body.

On the other hand, in a study published in the scientific portal PloS One , details that internet and drug addicts experience similar symptoms in the detoxification process.

Researchers from the universities of Milan and Swansea, in the United Kingdom, reveal that people who seek to eliminate addiction experience negative moods such as depression and autism.


Identify an addict on the internet

Aliza Edelson, psychologist of the SPM details that people who have Internet addiction experience symptoms in common that other dependencies, for example:

  1. Loses the notion of time
  2. Excessive use of the computer
  3. Forget family reunions
  4. Stop going to work
  5. Obsessive behavior

In addition, the specialist points out that an addicted person can try to overcome the problem on its own, but it is very complicated, so it is necessary to resort to professional help to solve the underlying problem, whether with emotional or comprehensive therapy.

"The addict is not looking for something that makes him feel good, but is looking to hide something that is making him feel bad," added the psychologist at the Patient Assistance Clinic of the Psychoanalytic Society of Mexico.

Currently, the World Health Organization (WHO) catalogs this problem as addiction without substance, along with others such as compulsive gambling or compulsive shopping. And you, do you know how to control the time you surf the internet or do you find it difficult to stop using it?

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