Ictiotherapy vs dead cells

Did you know that fish can be the best allies to preserve the beauty of your skin ? That's right, there is already a peeling natural called fish therapy , with which you can eliminate the cells dead of your feet and hands.

According to information published in The Huffington Post, for this one peeling very small fish called Claw Rufa or Doctor, since they are responsible for removing the hardness of the feet as corns and cure various diseases .

In the fish therapy you just have to dip your feet or hands inside a pond so that the fish eat the cells dead and leave your skin Extra soft, as shown in the following video:

Even this treatment is more than a peeling, that is, it has a therapeutic power that alleviates various diseases such as psoriasis Y eczema , thanks to the regenerative enzymes called anthracina that the fish spray on the skin .

In addition, the micro-suctions caused by the fish on the body stimulate the nerve endings, as in the acupuncture and activate the blood circulation .

Currently this treatment is very fashionable in countries such as Japan, China, Thailand, Baghdad, Singapore, Spain and Mexico, since this natural peel not only benefits your skin , but it gives you well-being and relaxation. And you, would you dare to try this natural peeling?

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