I'm Tiger Woods and I'm addicted to sex

The recent divorce of award-winning golfer Tiger Woods has made it clear that addiction to sex You can put at risk not only a marriage, but even cost you a professional career and an approximate of 750 million dollars.

Like most addictions, this type of addiction is described as a sexual behavior that affects the performance of your activities of daily life and begins little by little to spoil your life due to the lack of control and the continuous frustrations that such behavior generates.

Am I a sex addict?

Sex addicts can act sexually in different ways, however, there are some common elements that seem to characterize the addiction. According to Sex Addicts Anonymous, SAA, the factors that can indicate that you have a problem of sex addiction are:


  • You have no control over your sexual behavior.
  • Your life has become unmanageable by the situation.
  • You experience feelings of shame, pain and self-contempt.
  • You have had failed attempts to stop the addiction.
  • You worry if sex has become a ritual.
  • The negative consequences are progressive and get worse over time.

Behaviors involved in the sex addict

Other behaviors associated with sexual addiction, according to medicinenet.com are:

  • Compulsive masturbation
  • Multiple extra marital sexual adventures
  • Multiple sexual partners or casual sex with strangers
  • Consistent use of pornography
  • Sex without protection
  • Cyber ​​sex or telephone sex
  • Exhibitionism
  • Prostitution or you go with sex servants or sexeservidores.
  • Voyeurism (pleasure in seeing others)
  • Violations
  • Among other.

For some people, sex addiction can progress if treatment is not sought, for illicit activities such as exhibitionism, phone calls with obscene motives or voucherism . Although sex addicts do not always end up committing sexual offenses.

The treatment for sexual addiction focuses on trying to control addictive behaviors and help the person to develop a healthy sexuality. It includes sex education, counseling services and individual, marital and family therapy. Medicines like Prozac are also used under strict medical control in some cases, says the health portal medicinenet.com

There are support groups like Anonymous Sex Addicts They have programs for the recovery of people suffering from this addiction.

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