Hypnotherapy a treatment to treat addictions

The hypnotherapy , also called regressive therapy , is to access the subconscious of a person through hypnosis. According to the Spanish doctor Luis Navarro, specialist in the field and member of the National Guild of Hypnotists (the oldest and largest hypnotherapy organization in the world), contrary to what is thought, the person is not unconscious, or asleep, or loses control; this in a conscience level different in which he hears what is said, responds to the therapist and remembers what happened during the session once it ends.

The systematic use of hypnosis It started with Anton Mesmer (1734-1815), a German doctor who was convinced that magnetism could cure many ailments , that we were all under the power of the magnetic fluids and that a disease was created by a suggestion of the organism that could be solved with the transmission of magnetic waves. However, it was the Scottish doctor James Braid (1795-1860), who used the word for the first time hypnos which in Greek means dream.

What is hypnotherapy for?

At subconscious There are all the experiences we have lived, says Dr. Navarro: "What happened, we felt, we thought and decided at every moment of our lives. Through hypnosis we access the subconscious in which all this important information about ourselves is stored. The subconscious stores the memories, along with the decisions made and the emotions felt. In it is the origin of our beliefs and our emotional patterns ”.

According to this clinical hypnotherapist, any emotional difficulty can be improved or resolved with hypnotherapy, no matter how old or intense it may be. For him, the list of problems that can be solved with hypnotherapy is unlimited. In the opinion of the doctor in Psychology , Estela Durán Mena, this therapy is very effective and is used more frequently in the treatment of addictions such as smoking , the alcoholism wave drug addiction .

Hypnotherapy can be useful in controlling certain habits, such as compulsive eating, biting your fingernails or sucking your finger. "Also in the treatment of phobias or panic attacks ; management stress , anxiety or some nervous tics; it is very frequently used for the best use, learning and memory for anyone with difficulties of attention and concentration in school, at work or any activity; for the control of chronic or acute pain, it is even used to help mothers to have a natural birth without the need for anesthesia, "says the Mexican specialist who stresses the importance of this technique being used professionally and ethically.

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