One of the most sensitive and erogenous areas of the male body are the testicles . As all body organs also suffer from diseases, this time we show you the testicular problems more common.

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According to studies carried out by the University of Texas , food and quality of life are important factors for the development of Testicular cancer . Cancer cells develop when habits are not healthy.

But testicular cancer. It's not the only problem. There are other conditions that, despite not being serious, turn out to be very annoying.


It is produced by the excess accumulation of fluid in the testicles .

It occurs at any age and can occur in a testicle or both.

Most of the time surgery is required to remove the fluid. It is usually an outpatient surgical procedure; that is to say, that on the same day of the surgery the patient is discharged if there are no complications.


Testicular torsion

It is considered a medical emergency. The pain of the genitals can be caused by this condition.

It happens when one of the testicles it twists and prevents the flow of blood in the area.

The causes differ. And some cases may be due to some malformation, which can be corrected by surgery. It is also caused by not performing any exercise correctly or even by a bad position when sleeping.


It translates as inflammation in the testicles.

It is produced by a bacterium or virus and also presents testicular pain . The epididymis is inflamed: area that is on the edge of the testicles and where sperm are stored.

Approximately 30% of men who have had mumps have this inflammation.

It is necessary to perform a blood test to determine the type of virus or bacteria and an ultrasound to observe the soft tissues and determine the treatment.

These are the testicular problems most common in men. The severity can vary depending on the causes of each one of the ailments; however, there is a solution in most cases.

If you present pain do not hesitate to consult a specialist. Remember that it is better to prevent than to regret.

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