Hyalotherapy tones your skin and shapes your body

People are accustomed to relate the weightloss with activities that generate heat like the practice of exercise , the reductive massages , the application of hot bandages Y saunas , so it seems impossible that the application of ice can achieve the reduction of measurements in the body; however, it is absolutely possible!

The Honey therapy , a revolutionary technique born in Mexico more than 15 years ago, is to reaffirm the skin and lose weight moderately through applications of ice on the body. In addition, it helps detoxify the organism and acts as a lifting (stretching) of the skin. It may seem like a torment, but for some women the effort is worth it.


To whom is the ice therapy applied?

According to the specialist Eugenia García , this 100% natural treatment is focused on women who have just given birth or who are looking to lose kilos without taking medication. Also, people who have eye bags , skin drop, thighs flaccid and abdomen bulky.

It is an innovative massage that leaves behind hours of gym and great efforts, imposing cold resistance as the only condition to leave the body well delineated.

The results are noticed from the first application, because the frozen lotion (a combination of more than 100 medicinal plants ), increases the absorption capacity of fats and stimulates the production of cells young boys.

The most advisable is to go to a health center or specialized aesthetic, where they use ice and mud baths. In general, the latter are applied to exfoliate and purify the skin you want to reduce or enhance.

Among the benefits of Honey therapy are: reinvigorate the good blood circulation, the elimination ofgrease body (when accompanied by an exfoliating therapy) and the decrease in cellulitis .

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