People eat for many reasons, sometimes we eat for hungry , other times to satisfy our palate and, sometimes, for boredom, anxiety, sadness or happiness.

However, there are some signs that tell us to stop eating, which are different and we usually associate them with a sense of satisfaction.

Knowing how to recognize the difference between these sensations is important in order to regulate food consumption and have good health.



The hungry It is the way in which your body makes sure to get the food it needs to function. It is the physiological sensation which indicates that it is time to start eating (you can identify a feeling of "empty" or "pain" in the stomach when we have a long time without food). This happens when the energy reserves in our body are no longer sufficient and we need to recharge energy again.


The appetite

Is a sensation much more subjective, it is what motivates us to select the foods that we want to eat and can be influenced by psychological and social aspects. For example, it may be that at lunchtime you feel like eating a particular dish, motivated by its taste, texture and comfort feeling that they produce.

In this case, it is the appetite and not the hunger that borders us to choose that food and not another. Therefore, we are not necessarily hungry when we feel appetite.


Feel satisfied

It refers to the sensations that we identify when we want to stop eating; generally the distension of the stomach is one of the signals of our body to indicate us that it is time to stop eating. For example, when you finish eating and you say you feel "full".



It refers to the time you spend between one meal and the other without having hungry . There are foods that give us a feeling of satiety for more time, as in the case of foods with fiber, since it helps slow down the absorption of nutrients allowing them to reach our body more slowly, thus prolonging the sensation of satiety .

Therefore, the signals that our body sends us to feel satisfied and sated They help us control the amount of food we eat. So the next time you eat, think about which of these sensations It is what you are perceiving.

Paying attention to what your body tells you, will help you to have an adequate energy consumption and to maintain a healthy weight.

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