Hugh Jackman on a 6,000-calorie diet

Director Darren Aronnofsky he has asked the actor to consume 6 thousand calories a day, when the normal is 2 thousand or 2 thousand 500 and to perform three hours of exercise, so that he is fit for his character of Wolverine in the saga of X Men.

About, Hugh Jackman he confessed in an interview published in the newspaper Los Angeles Times that Aronnofsky asked him to increase the muscles of his body, so that on the screen he looks stronger: "Darren told me that in the previous movie he looked great, but since I am very tall, he reminded Clint Eastwood and that aspect is not that of Wolverine ”.

With the daily intake of 6,000 calories, the protagonist of X Men, has risen 9 kilos: "Wolverine It will be like a bulldog. So I want to look like. If I have a heart attack before, they can tell people what they were trying, "said Jackman.

Other actors who have submitted to subsistence allowance very strict are: Brad Pitt who raised 13 kilos to star Troy, Matt Dammon increased 12 kilos to The Informant, Renee Zellweger , 10 kilos for the Diary of Bridget Jones, while Natalie Portman , had to lose 11 kilos to star The Black Swan.

However, the increase and lose weight is harmful to health, since there may be a hormonal decompensation , the metabolism and when you have more weight than normal, problems of hypertension , diabetes , Cancer, excess of cholesterol Y triglycerides in the blood.

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