How to tell?

You have met a man, everything is going well and at some point your curiosity or yours wakes up and the awkward question arises: With how many couples Have you been before?

Then the doubts come. What would a good average ? The ideal figure to be experienced enough, but not so much to intimidate the other.

The web has asked that same question to 1,000 men and women, and have found a perfect number for both sexes: 10 sexual partners .

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To someone with less than 10 sexual partners in his record he is considered inexperienced, while with more than 10 he could be labeled promiscuous, says the study.

What nobody likes, both men and women, is that their partner has had more than 20 sexual partners throughout his life.

But not everyone wants to find out with how many people Your current partner has been before you met. 65% of women and 70% of men prefer not to know anything.


How to tell?

In the case of want to say how many sexual partners there have been before, psychologists recommend taking into account certain things so that the data does not pass bill to any:


  1. The changes of couple they are not bad. They are determined by the stage of life in which we find ourselves.
  2. It is not more or less reliable for having had more or less couples.
  3. Nor is it better or worse lover depending on the number.
  4. If the concern is the possible sexually transmitted diseases , that someone has had many partners does not mean that they have adopted risky behaviors.

First of all, if your partner and you want to face that moment, do it with an open mind, without prejudice and without judgment. Everything will be fine!


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