How to take care of your posture at work

When we work in a office , we tend to adapt to a position that abuses certain muscle areas and leaves others inactive. The muscles who work more often are much stronger, but suffer from excess. Those that are not used eventually deform, due to inactivity. With this, our body habits .

Although there is no ideal position to sit, the important thing is to avoid unnecessary burdens. To do this, in addition to taking into account the position of the hips, we must consider the height of the seat and the table.

In this regard, the British Commission for Health Y the Security (Health and Safety Executive) recommends changing positions often, trying to download the intervertebral discs , to benefit the organism.

It is also suggested to make brief and frequent breaks (from 5 to 10 minutes every 50-60 minutes of continuous work.
These pauses are more satisfactory than the more prolonged and less frequent ones; even small interruptions can offer a chance to get up from the seat and stretch the legs without losing contact.


Tips to feel better

Occupational health experts advise how to sit in front of the computer:

1. The computer screen It should be 55 centimeters from the head of the person, at eye level.

2. The keyboard it should be at an optimal distance in such a way that it leaves a space to support the forearms.

3. Regarding the chair , it is advisable to have flexible lumbar support and armrests, in addition to an adjustable height.

4. The correct posture is composed with a Straight back forming a 90 ° angle with the legs, in a relaxed manner.

5. The light must be white, bluish or natural in filtered form; the colors of the walls must be clear (light blue facilitates concentration).


Tips to improve work performance

The British Commission for Health and Safety , says that the ideal thing in an office is that employees have a comfortable and quiet space, suitable for resting or eating.

Go to fresh air , go for a walk, expose yourself to sunlight and do everything possible to eat out of the office at least a couple of times a week.

A very important aspect is to avoid that the electronic mail dominates to him and to try to plan, in the measurement of the possible thing, the day of the following day. So you can reduce the levels of stress and rest without worries.

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