How to stay optimistic?

How should I react to difficult situations? One day may be full of challenges and difficulties or moments happy and nice , the reality is that you decide how you want to take your day and you can determine it from the first 15 minutes of your day, it sounds great, right?

But the reality is that with hectic pace of life, we forget to take care of our emotions and it is something fundamental, if we understand the challenges before leaving home, things will be different for you.

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How to stay optimistic?

It is a matter of emotional health, you must do it for health, because all diseases are psychosomatic, which means that if you are not emotionally well, you will manifest it with damage to the stomach, liver, pancreas, heart, etc ...


1. Always appreciate

Being grateful helps us cultivate Good relations with people and this produces happiness in your environment ; therefore, every morning it is recommended to take a few minutes to concentrate on the positive aspect of your life.

Think do not in objects materials , but in family, friends, colleagues, colleagues, meetings that have made you happy, travel and learning that you appreciate and motivate you to keep going. If for 5 minutes you concentrate on aspects positive , it will go better.


2. Pause your work

When you do not plan your day, time can consume you and put aside important things for you. Before leaving home think about your tasks, your times, how you are going to distribute them in such a way that it takes you 5 minutes to write down priorities and times, to speed up your day.

According to the authorKevin Kruse , there are 15 Secrets that successful people do, to better manage time and one of them is:

Visualize your "departure time" as something self-imposed, such as an appointment with the doctor that is not negotiable and that you should definitely comply with "


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