How to rescue a drowning person

This is one of the most serious types of accidents that can occur when swimming. When trying to Rescue a drowning victim , panic can endanger the life of the victim and the rescuer.

Therefore, it is necessary to act quickly. Here are some basic tips when you watch someone drown:

1. Before rescuing a drowning victim, use a flotation device (even this is recommended for those who know how to swim). It will help prevent both from becoming victims.

2. If there are more rescue teams available, it is important that someone call the emergency rescue.

3. For a conscious victim, have a rigid object on your hand strong enough to hold on.

4. You can also use a rope, to throw it to the victim. You can attach a lifeline on the rope.

5. It is important to tie a rope around the waist before leaving for the rescue.


Epilepsy and swimming accidents

People with epilepsy typically suffer swimming accidents. They run more in danger due to the possibility of suffering seizures and drowning. The best way to avoid accidents is to treat as much as possible, not to swim.

However, if a person epileptic decide to swim, it is important to meet the following conditions:

1. To be accompanied by a person who knows that he has epilepsy and knows how to swim.

2. Swimming in shallow pools.

Video Medicine: Steps to save someone from drowning (May 2021).