How to prevent dogs from leaving, 3 quick remedies

To write this note, I went to the Dictionary of the Real Academia de la Lengua with my useful smartphone. I typed 'perilla'.

Often dictionaries leave more questions than answers, and this was no exception. The answer: 'Maybe pearl' small pearl. Accompanied by the only meaning. 1. F. Mex. Stye.

For an ophthalmologist it is clear that they are synonymous; for the rest the enigma remains unresolved.

The perrilla, whose correct name is stye, is the first cause of consultation. It is an infection of the glands that produce fat.

One of the most frequent causes in women is that they use the eyeliner behind the eyelashes, obstructing the exit of fat from the glands and provoking, sooner or later, the aforementioned stye, the infamous dog.

The popular 'wisdom' of our grandmothers says that, the dogs come out for three very specific causes: Look at a couple of dogs cooperating; See a cleavage or pornography.

That's why I give you three recommendations you can make when you have a stye before going to the ophthalmologist:

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