How to prevent an innocent visit to the public toilets from affecting your health?

Who has not experienced a physiological emergency at some time in their life? Public toilets are not only a source of relief, but also a source of fear, including paranoia; But, really what is hidden in them?

According to an investigation presented to the American Society of Infectious Diseases in Boston, in which the sanitary services of restaurants, airplanes, stores, hospitals and other types of premises were examined, they were found to represent a danger to health.

What was discovered was microbes causing several diseases as well as insect colonies. Within this group, the staphylococcus, guilty of creating fever and chills, and bacilli, promoters of diarrhea, were the most visible.


How to prevent an innocent visit to the public toilets from affecting your health?

With information from Huffpost Voices t We present six rules for surviving public restrooms. Catch them!

1. Never forget to take a pack. Always try to have tissues or toilet paper with you, because unfortunately there are public toilets where you will not find anything like that. Better be prepared.

2. Disposable protective covers for the toilet. They are an expense that you may want to do. It's worth the pain if you want to make sure you sit in a germ-free place.

3. What you should do when entering the bathroom . Look for the cleanest station (and one that does have toilet paper). Check that the toilet lid is not dirty or wet, and do the same with the floor, because your shoes and clothes are at risk if there are puddles.

4. Look for a hook to hang your bag. This will allow you to have freedom of movement. By no means put your bag on the floor, unless you want to take millions of germs home.

5. Wash your hands. Always use soap and take time to rub your hands. Make sure to wash yourself carefully. Philip M. Tierno Jr. Ph.D, author of the book "The Secret Life of Germs" , recommends rubbing hands and fingers soaped for 20 to 30 seconds, including nails. After rinsing, Tender suggests that you repeat the process. If the tap is not automatic, try to close it using a paper towel.

6. To finish. When leaving the bathroom, try not to push or touch the door with your hands. If there is no knob or handle, push with an elbow, but if you have to pull the door to open, again do it with a paper towel or in any case, with fabric from your clothes. The bathroom doors are one of the most polluted places.

You can not expose yourself to an accident by enduring that physiological need or an infection by visiting a public toilet. Follow these tips and enjoy your exit.

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