How to live with this?

Sometimes we can not believe that a bad diagnosis is the cause that causes us to lose our lives; However, that was the case of the actor Gonzalo Vega that at the end of 2010 in Houston, a doctor informed him that he had cancer: Leukemia, to be precise.

With a not encouraging prognosis, the family returned to Mexico to seek a second opinion, and they found it; after several tests it was discovered that his illness was not Leukemia but myelodysplastic syndrome.


It is the name that acquires a group of diseases that originate in the bone marrow (and that damage it), for unknown reasons and affect people of any age, although the majority (80%) occurs in men older than 60 years ", in accordance with American Cancer Society.

Video Medicine: Florent Dorin EP - 02 How to Live With It (March 2024).