How to know that your friend is competing with you?

That friendship, that when talking on the phone or having a coffee makes you feel ignored or embarrassed by talking about your problems when she has more important things and bigger difficulties, it is a friend who is competing with you , and look for you to be a springboard for your emotional well-being.

Do not worry, what you have lived is nothing beside what I have gone through... This is a frequent phrase of a woman who lives her friendship as a competition.

Because they are people who will always have something to say, and their experience regularly will be better or worse than yours, depending on the topic they address, "he said in an interview GetQoralHealth the psychologist Yolanda Padilla.



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Lethal friend?

In a society that encourages competition it is difficult to distinguish if you are living with a friend or competing with her. To discover it, Yolanda reveals some characteristics of this type of relationship:

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