How to know if you retain liquids

The retention of liquids it's a normal problem for most of the women , especially in the case of pregnant . However, this is not why it is a less complicated condition and mainly uncomfortable .

As a general rule, retention of liquids you can go back cyclical in the following situations:


  1. Menstrual period : to exist, at that moment, more amount of blood in the uterus there is usually retention urinary .
  2. Medicines : there are some, like steroids or the antihypertensive , which usually cause retention .
  3. High sodium consumption : If you eat foods with a high amount of Salt , as junk food, sausages or canned more liquids are usually retained.
  4. Some pathologies : is the case of people with Heart problems Y kidney (chronic or persistent) and in pregnant women with disorders of the pregnancy as toxemia.

Also, the sedentary lifestyle , the stress , the intake of contraceptives oral medications or certain medications such as corticoids and the anti-inflammatory , just like him hot .


How to know if you retain liquids

Retienes liquids when you see that you body is swollen and, above all, when the amount you expel (and not for sweating) is much lower than the amount you ingest.

It is normal to feel swelling in the legs and the feet . Test by pressing with your fingers on the instep, if a slight sinking , as if it were a water bladder, is that you are retaining liquids . On many occasions, there headache and a feeling of heaviness .

To know if you hold liquids you must take a control of weight weekly: there is evidence of this when in one of the weighings there is an obvious change with the previous week.

An exaggerated fluctuation in weight is evidence that there is a fluid retention.

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