How to help your pet in case of an earthquake?

For many of us, they are more than a "best friend", they are our family; reason why we must also be prepared to help them in the face of natural disasters such as an earthquake.

Currently there are22 million dogs and  5.5 million cats in about 54 percent of households in Mexico In the face of natural catastrophes, many of us do not know how to act. That is why we want to share with your audience some tips and recommendations to know what to do with your pet in case of an earthquake and how to help a dog or cat if you find it lost.


How to help your pet in case of an earthquake?

Nowadays social networks are also a platform that helps and supports millions of communities thanks to its reach.

We are living a difficult time, we must be alert and follow the recommendations that experts like Civil Protection, share through the media and the different digital platforms to keep your family safe and alert.

But how can you help that member of the household who does not use himself, or that dog or cat lost in the street because of the fear and anguish of not finding his owner?

From the hand of the MVZ. Rodrigo Urrutia, Scientific Affairs Coordinator of Mars Petcare Mexico for Pedigree® and Whiskas® shares some recommendations to support pets in the event of an earthquake or natural catastrophe:


How do you help your dog in case of an earthquake or natural catastrophe?


  • Emergency kit: As well as it is recommended to keep a survival suitcase in the door of the homes, it is also important to consider a bag of croquettes, at least 3 kilos, a special water bottle for your pet and bags to collect your feces.
  • Keep calm : your family comes first, organizes adults and divides tasks. If there are children, just open the door of your home so that everyone can leave, including your dog, if possible, put a strap on it to keep it from running.
  • Identification plate: It is essential that your dog always have a plaque with his name and a telephone number to which they can communicate in case of getting lost. Currently there are very professional GPS with a range of 10 kilometers around.
  • Photography : we all have pictures of our pets, but it is important to update them and have a pair where your dog can see perfectly if it is necessary to share it in case of loss.


What do you do when you find a dog or cat and you are lost?


  • Resguárdalo : try to capture him, he's probably as scared as you are, but try to keep calm. Approach with delicacy and kindness by stretching your arm and little by little allow your hand to smell.
  • Reassure him : once you get that approach, reward it and try to reassure it using a soft voice and caressing it if you allow it.Resguárdalo : Check your license plate and while you contact the owner, give this dog or cat a temporary home. If you do not have a plate or contact, take a photo and spread it on your social networks with the hashtag of the colony where you found it and the hashtags #PerroEncontradoCDMX or #GatoEncontradoCDMX.
  • Injuries : later you must make sure you are not injured, try to walk or move a little, in case of noticing any anomaly, try to help and put it in a cardboard box or kennel if you have one and transfer it to a clinic veterinary to provide the necessary help.

These animals and companions deserve all the good that there is of us, and just as we have shown solidarity for the most needy, it is important to know how to act as the responsible owner and support us in any situation that comes our way.


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