How to exercise with overweight

When you have soverweight , one of the keys to return to your ideal weight and maintain it is to perform exercise, as well as bring a diet adequate Therefore, the first thing you should know is how to do exercise for lose weight .

The first thing you should do is approach a specialist to make sure you do not have any health problems related to your overweight or type of limitation, so we recommend you:

1. Go with a coach to evaluate your physical condition completely, so you will prevent injuries and you will avoid cardiac over-exertion. 2. To start conditioning your heart , joints Y muscles , take one hike short daily 3. Make of your hike a habit 4. Go twice a week to the fitness center and increase the number of days as you feel you are ready. If you do not like attending a sports center, start an activity at home or in a nearby park.

To which pair you have started with these activities, you must know what kind of exercises They are ideal to get fit:

1. Opt for routines in which you work each part of your body at the same time that you protect it. For example, do bike for 10 or 15 minutes, elliptical , swimming or hike

2. Gaining strength is also important: use a pair of light dumbbells or do a routine of resistance with your own weight, like lizards, ABS , etc.

3. Avoid the high impact exercises such as running, aerobics, step, presses, etc., because the overweight It can hurt your joints. Once you lose weight, you can perform this type of exercises.

On the other hand, you should consult with a professional to carry a diet according to the new kind of physical activities that you make, since you will require a certain amount of calories extras for the effort.

Remember that before starting your change of habits with a view to a better quality of life, determine a series of goals that you can meet in the short, medium and long term.

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