How to download it?

Do you want to enjoy good health, lose weight and have a better quality of life? With the new mobile application of GetQoralHealth you can achieve your goal from wherever you are.

In this app, exclusive for users of Nokia , you will find empathetic, useful and attractive solutions that help you to achieve a slim body, a good mood and, above all, to adopt better life habits.


How to download it?

To enjoy the information endorsed by doctors, nutritionists and specialists in exercise, sexuality and emotional well-being, you should only follow the following steps:

  1. On computer. On the GetQoralHealth page you will find an icon in the upper right corner called "New Nokia app, Windows Phone ", Where you can click and it will take you immediately to the page to download it.
  2. Phone. Go to the Nokia store and look for GetQoralHealth in the applications. Choose it and the download begins.

The navigation is very simple, because it has a menu where you will find information, videos and photo galleries on nutrition and exercise, wellness, sexuality. In addition, you can read the most viewed articles in the day.

Even if you are interested in a particular topic you can find all the reference to it through the search engine, as well as save a specific article in your favorites section.

Remember that the application is only available for Nokia Windows Phone users and is completely free. Go ahead and use it to modify your habits and enjoy a better quality of life!

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