How to do it?

It is important that all people do a self-examination to identify any signs of Cancer in your body, but there is already a better option that you can enjoy to the fullest while taking care of your health.

Your partner is the ideal person to help you detect something different in your body in an early way, in order to find the best treatment that will help you extend your life or improve your well-being.

According to the project called Cancer Sutra , all people must break down the myths or taboos that exist on the Cancer . It is not an incurable disease, because detecting it in a timely manner can lengthen your life.


"With an early detection of cancer you have a better chance of being treated successfully, that is, it can be cured or controlled in time"


How to do it?

A fun way to inspect your body is in the company of your partner. While performing specific intimate postures they can check the body to detect different types of cancer such as the following.

Skin cancer

While caressing your partner and kissing her you can identify any change in texture, color or shape of her moles; As well as the appearance of spots, if they are blue or red, it is better to go with a doctor.

Breast cancer

While gently caressing your partner's breasts you can identify any strange pellets, the shape of the nipple and if there are changes in hue.

Lift your partner's arms and look for wrinkles, discolorations or balls. Press the nipples a little to confirm that no fluid comes out.

Testicular cancer

An effective way to notice changes in the testicles is to stroke them with your hands or your mouth. If you notice something strange or different, it is best to notify your partner immediately.

Observe the enlargement or inflammation of the skin of the scrotum. Inspect one testicle at a time with your thumb and forefinger.

Prostate cancer

Apply a little lubricant on your index or middle finger to check the prostate, which is toward the navel.

Make smooth and circular movements firmly, without causing pain.

If you want to find the positions that facilitate the inspection of each type of cancer, you just have to check the Cancer Sutra and be aware of all the red lights.

In case of identifying something strange in the body of your partner, it is best to go to the doctor for a more detailed review.

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