How to deal with post-traumatic stress and potential suicide?

Cases of posttraumatic stress they shoot up after a natural tragedy and the suicide attempt is duplicated, warned specialists of the National Institute of Psychiatry (INP).

The director of INP, María Elena Medina Mora, declared that, after the earthquake, 14 percent of the people develop post-traumatic stress , are more likely to suffer disability and suicidal risk.


"The other issue that worries us a lot is suicide, when there is a natural disaster, the risk of suicide doubles twice and for populations that suffer serious afflictions, for example, with dissociative symptoms , that about 14% of people who develop post-traumatic stress will have more disability and suicidal risk, "he said.


Therefore, a brigade of psychological and psychiatric care has been made available to provide emotional counseling to the affected people, in addition to medication.

Measure Mora warned that the first symptom of emotional affectation that a person exposed to the loss of heritage or loved ones can experience, could manifest up to 72 hours, with emotional crises, in three months with sadness, nervousness and irritability, and in a year with greater risks in behavior that put your life at risk.


How the population will be affected, has to do with family history and previous experiences, closeness to the event. That is, if nothing else saw it, if it participated, if he was trapped , the magnitude of the losses and what happens after the losses in their daily lives, "he said.


The psychiatrist, Martha Oliveros, warned not to expose children to the images of the earthquake , and control access to information on social networks of adolescents.


"If there are children, it is convenient that they are not exposed to this type of information so that parents are careful in this aspect and that they prefer to give them other information and images," he said.

The Emotional attention modules are located in Parque México, on Calle Álvaro Obregón and at the National Medical Center November 20.

In addition, telephone service is given to telephones 41605241, 41605438 and 018006114488.

After the earthquake there have been 5 thousand 800 psychological and psychiatric care.

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