How to choose the best deodorant for your armpits?

For me it is basic to choose a deodorant that helps me to counteract the sweat; and is that if I use a wrong antiperspirant bar my skin gets irritated, I do not stop sweating or my clothes get stained.


Therefore, here I share my 5 tips to choose the best deodorant, according to your lifestyle.


1. If you are VERY neat and you love to keep your clothes in good condition:


One of the things that bothers me most is that my deodorant stains my clothes, and more if it is dark! Therefore, we recommend that you try the new anti-perspirant bar NIVEA Invisible for Black & White. That in addition to protecting your black clothes against white spots, reduces yellow spots on your white clothes *

(* Less white waste in black and reduces new spots in white, tested in cotton.)

2. If your armpits are stained and dark:


My best friend suffers from dark armpits for shaving the area. After trying several deodorants, he discovered the new NIVEA Natural Clarified antiperspirant bar that worked perfectly.


Since he uses it, the darkening of his skin has been reduced, and little by little he is recovering his natural tone.

3. If you love to wear sleeveless garments:


The new anti-perspirant bar NIVEA Rinse Satin Effect is also great for removing stains on the skin; In addition, it helps reduce the harshness caused by hair removal and your skin will recover its softness. Leaving you ready to wear your favorite blouse.


4. If you have a very busy lifestyle:


Because of my pace of life, it is essential that the deodorant I choose protect me from sweat and bad smell.


If you also have a very active lifestyle, I recommend the new NIVEA Stress Protect antiperspirant bar, which protects you against sweating caused by stress for up to 48 hours.


5. If your skin is delicate and sensitive:


There is nothing more uncomfortable than being irritated by the armpits; Sometimes it makes you so uncomfortable that you do not even want to wear anything. Therefore, another of my favorite deodorants is the new NIVEA Protection & Care antiperspirant bar, which gives you 48 hour protection with the care of NIVEA.


Before choosing a deodorant, it is important that you analyze your lifestyle and your needs, to show impeccable armpits, protected from sweat and bad smell.

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