How to be the woman of your dreams?

When you see a beautiful woman in the street, sure of herself and beside her a man who is in love with her, you ask yourselfhow it makes you to be the woman of your dreams ? Here we tell you the answers.

It is a false belief that women have the idea that a woman should have a model body, be beautiful and perfect to have a man by her side.

The facts that those women do for which many men would give their lives are the ones that make the difference in any relationship, "says Ana María Sánchez, a psychologist and specialist in cognitive behavioral therapy.


¿How to be the woman of your dreams ?


Watch what you say

Communicating correctly and assertively to the couple what we want, think and desire is basic to avoid arguments and misunderstandings.


How do you say it

You can say many things but the way in which you raise it can have a positive or negative effect. It's useless to communicate if you do not do it correctly.


You have your own life

If you want to be the woman of your dreams try not to 'smother' him with your presence, bombard him with messages by whatsapp or by his social networks. A man worships a woman who knows how to be independent, who enjoys doing his things and above all, who respects his times and spaces.


Stop punishing him

If you think your partner will learn to respect you or treat you better if you do not talk to him, you show rude or take away sex, the only thing you will achieve is to get away from you immediately.


Take responsibility for your actions

Take charge of your emotions and do not let anything or nobody overshadow what you do. Blaming the other because you are not happy is an unripe act and from which many men flee.

With these tips how to be the woman of your dreams You can be with your partner and love her fully, without fears and without ties.


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