How to be more persistent?

When you work to achieve some great goal , the motivation it suffers ups and downs. Sometimes you will feel motivated and sometimes you will not, but it is not motivation that produces results, it is your actions. Being more persistent allows you to keep taking action even when you do not feel ready to do so.

Persistence is for many the key to professional or professional success, even economic. However, for different specialists in positivist psychology, such as C. R Snyder, of the University of Oxford , persistence increases the probability of reaching goals difficult and the enjoyment that a person has after getting something.

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How to be more persistent?

Developing persistence can also improve another person's abilities and resources, as well as increasing a person's sense of self-efficacy, if the goal . Therefore, to develop it, it is important to have certain skills and habits such as:

1. Train in the effort . The ability to delay gratification allows the person to overcome immediate impulses in favor of rewards that are in the future and that are parallel to their own goals .

2. Feed back positive. It helps correct a mistake and increases the sense of competence and effectiveness and the motivation intrinsic

3. Social support. Receive help and examples of achievements since childhood motivate and encourage older goals and objectives.

4. Self-control of emotions . To develop a sense of commitment in life, a belief that you can control what happens, and a vision of change as a positive challenge.

5. Patience . Make people more resistant and less inclined to leave when they are faced with failures or setbacks.

6. Be an observer. Paying attention to the environment will allow you to identify what skills you need in certain opportunities and to recognize how the actions of others are.

7. Frustration tolerance . Learning to enjoy the achievements, the positive criticism and the emotions derived from the learning, allow to develop greater tolerance.

It is important to consider that the way you raise your goals and the type of goals that you propose, as well as other factors, can exert a very important influence when determining if you will reach it or not, and how much you will strive to achieve it; therefore, persistence is one of the keys.

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