How to be a good friend

Living a good life is an art, especially in the company of a good friend. You have to know some secrets that can facilitate us and greatly enrich the road, such as the construction of support networks, which are those people who when we feel fall hold us.

Support networks are formed with a good friend, that is, people who are really with you and who support you unconditionally, who accept you like that, how are you, and who do not need you to change to love you.

As human beings it is our responsibility to become a good friend and weave these support networks. How?, You just have to follow these guides:

1.- Identify: When you meet a person that you consider valuable, that awakes admiration, that you like to be with her, identify her. Recognize its value; Approach her, calmly but with firm steps. Record your qualities in your heart and make sure you do not lose sight of it but do not overwhelm anyone. Relationships require a lot of time to be built, this first step is just to identify.

2.- Share: Once you have identified the valuable person, do not waste any opportunity: when you see her rejoice, learn from her, approach without invading her space, tell her that you like her way of being.

3.- Be attentive and friendly: If I need you, offer your responsible help. To have a good friend you must first know how to be a good friend. Act with honesty, honesty, do not promise anything that you can not fulfill.

4.- Know yourself: Take care of yourself and be a good friend to yourself, before asking for help try to solve any problem for yourself, do not look for recharging yourself in anyone, so that nobody takes care of you; however, when you need it, ask for help and learn to offer it.

You never know when you may need someone. I tell you a secret? I know who are part of my support network when I tell them about a new project I receive comments of enthusiasm, motivation such as: you can, what a good idea, you are wonderful and you will achieve it.

It is your responsibility to weave your own support networks. You will not regret. The most valuable things in life are the people we love and who love us. Work every day on it and become a good friend. I recommend it since a good friend improves your quality of life. And you, do you already have your support network?

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