How to avoid it

When you are with your partner, are you really with her? , that is, the time they are together is of quality or do any of you use your cell phone to pass the time? Discover how theCellular affects your relationship.

American psychologists discovered that some people who are in a long relationship, are forced to compete for the attention of their partner because of smartphones.

The study showed that 3/4 of the people who are in serious relationships (especially women) felt that the phone interfered in the quality moments they spent with their partner.

It is common for people to let technology get in their way in small ways until the relationship is worn out, said Dr. Brandon MacDaniel.


How to avoid it

Letting your conversations in Facebook or Whatsapp ruin the moments, even if it is spontaneous and accidental, it tells your partner that it is less important.

Therefore, if you notice that it is a frequent behavior of any part of your relationship, it is time to comment.

In addition, psychologists recommend that if you want to review something very important, explain it to your boyfriend. Let love not end!


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