How? People read what I send them ...

The other day they asked me this question in Youtube and it really left me thinking. The question was: Does my body affect my success professional? Yes, if there are investigations that reinforce the concept that people who are perceived as beautiful earn more. However, it leaves me thinking about exactly what makes this concept take force.

For starters, I do believe that it is important to start "at the beginning" they would say there. When I stand in front of people, I am talking to them without speaking, we have already read it many times! Peeero, what do I read? And that answer is the one that makes me interesting to develop to understand the point.

On the one hand, I read stereotypes social that have a strength and an association in my mind, but on the other hand, I also visualize what the person is projecting to me.


How? People read what I send them ...

Yes! Also read association factors (woman =?, Strawberry =?, And that question mark is filled with what YOU associate), but above all you are telling them what YOU FEEL OF IT by mute channels, but they scream.

Your self-esteem is essential to build and manage your image , that you remember belongs to others, because in one way or another you are communicating what you think about you.

Therefore, the consulting processes are based on understanding and adjusting the perception that people have of themselves, because that will be the central message they will communicate.

In answering the question of the YouTube girl about the impact of her body on her professional success, I would tell her that it depends 100% on how it is perceived, that it is a consequence of what she sends to people.

For example, there are people who are "Curvy" and emanate so much security that you see that they are going to conquer the world when they so decide.

So if you are skinny, with curves, short, high, or whatever, the key is to accept, love and consequently generate verbal and non-verbal stimuli to project us in the best way when it comes to conquering objectives. Unfortunately we are our worst judges and that kills us before we have started the battle. To adjust perceptions!

Does your body limit or help you?

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