How much sugar do you consume per day?

Mexico has the second place in obesity worldwide, in addition, each year the health sector faces the growth in the population of diseases related to this disease, such as diabetes. One of the factors that triggers the obesity and overweight It is the excessive consumption of sugar.

Formed by glucose and fructose molecules, sugar is an ingredient present in the regular diet of Mexicans, but how much sugar should be consumed per day?

The American Association of Cardiology states that the consumption for women should not exceed 8 tablespoons of sugar a day, in the case of men the amount increases to 9 and in children around 4 tablespoons.

However, this rule is difficult to respect, if we talk that only in the country most of the products purchased by primary education children exceeds 400% the recommended percentage of sugar is 7%, problematic collected in a study conducted by the Power of the Consumer .

Most of the sugar that a person consumes comes from soft drinks and sweet, but there is another source that many are unaware of when starting a diet and which is also part of the total amount that can be eaten daily. This is present in products of natural origin such as fruits, cereals and some dairy products such as flavored yogurt.

Excess sugar can cause damage to the body's immune system, in addition to increasing abdominal fat and triglycerides. As well as complications related to chronic degenerative diseases caused by the obesity and overweight .

Try to maintain a balanced diet in sugar. Eat fruits, but do not exceed three servings a day. Add to your consumption what you acquire naturally and not only artificially. Take care of your health and, consequently, that of your family.

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