How much milk should you drink?

A recent investigation by the University of Texas, indicates that the chocolate milk It is an excellent drink for after making exercise .

The reason is the relationship between carbohydrate s Y proteins it contains, which is ideal to stimulate what is known as protein synthesis which helps muscle growth.

The study consisted of giving chocolate milk Y energy drinks, after 30 minutes to athletes and people who only dedicate themselves to sports for health.

As a result, they obtained that those individuals who took the chocolate milk, they increased their muscle mass , in addition to burning more fat.

The study also showed that, to obtain better results, it is necessary to take it within the first hour , once the exercise is over.

How much milk should you drink?

First you must know the amount of calories that were burned during the exercise and take between 40 and 50% in the form of a supplement carbohydrates Y proteins To understand it better, suppose you burn 100 calories in one day of exercise, then you will have to recover about 50 calories in your supplement.

If the chocolate milk does not convince you, doctors recommend looking for a sports drink that offers a combination of carbohydrates and proteins.

Remember that the key is to exercise and vary your diet. This way your metabolism will continue to burn fat and you will look better.

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