How much is too much sugar?

In appearance desserts They look beautiful and succulent. However, they are tremendously lethal for those who suffer from heart disease , but above all, those who have diabetes or suffer from overweight .

Laura Schmidt , of the University of California School of Medicine , in San Francisco, confirms that the sugar is an independent risk factor for the development of cardiovascular diseases and other chronic conditions.


How much is too much sugar?

According to most experts, the sugar that is added to food is much more harmful to our bodies than the one that occurs naturally.

The United States Institute of Medicine recommends that the sugar that is added to what we eat represents less than 25% of the total intake of calories , while the World Health Organization  (WHO) Indicates that it is less than 10%.

Hence, the most dangerous desserts for Health are the following:

1. Donuts. The problem with donuts is not only their great contribution caloric , but they have a high content of "trans" fats, which are harmful to good blood flow. 75% of the "trans" fats that we consume come from commercial bakery products.

2. Sweet snacks (industrial rolls). They are also the number one enemies of the peso. To replace them, the American Heart Association Recommend fruits, carrots and celery. In pieces, they are easy to eat and give a good feeling of fullness. And do not forget the raisins, a sweet and healthy alternative.

3. Cakes and pies. A slice of carrot cake or delicious cheesecake can contain up to 1000 calories . Sugar increases the blood pressure and triglyceride levels and it contributes to gain weight.

4. Tiramisu. The concentration of sweet and sugar of this dessert, plus butter and cream, reaches up to 650 calories . A pump for our heart!

5. Nutella. This cream of hazelnut and cocoa by itself may not have as many calories , but if you repeat more than 2 servings, you have almost 500.

6. Milkshakes. The combination of ice cream, nuts, brownie, sugar and caramel, can reach up to 1000 calories . In addition, drinks sweetened with sugar They are overlapping sources of sugar, as well as some types of sweetened yogurt or ready-to-eat cereals.

7. Rice with milk. Although it is the recipe of the grandmother, this does not mean that it is one of the richest desserts in calories . Remember that one diet loaded with sugar increases the risks of heart diseases .

In Mexico, the main cause of death among the population are the ailments cardiac : the annual rate of deaths is one quarter of a million people.

The majority of deaths occurs through ischemic heart disease , a condition considered the most lethal, since it commonly affects people over 40 years of age and more frequently in men, 65%. So, you have to learn to say NO to the desserts , no matter how succulent they are.

Video Medicine: #TomorrowsDiscoveries: Why Eating Too Much Sugar Can Be Harmful – Dr. Gerald Hart (April 2024).