How many days of vacation should you ask to avoid a premature death?

If you are one of the people who do not consider "necessary" to take vacations or, for work, you decide to postpone this period, you would like to know that your life is at risk.

A study published in Psychosomatic Medicine, a publication specialized in American medicine, ensures that not taking vacations at least once a year increases the risk of death from cardiovascular deficiency.

Not only that, many will say that quality is better than quantity. Is a lie. If you do not take vacations, or various pretexts stop you from taking them, you could literally be killing yourself.


How many should you take?

Experts recommend that a minimum of one vacation per year, lasting seven days.

However, what is recommended according to your study, is that you take more than a year. Planning things in times that will make us have fun and relax, helps our mind to maintain expectations throughout the year.

Take only a vacation (more than ten days, for example), a year, although they are long enough to relax, it produces less happiness, because the distance between them, they always seem distant, and given their duration, they could stress some when planning them

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The best in all cases, is that despite having a very demanding job, consider holidays as a fundamental part of your life. Equal free time, daily.

Rest and have fun, it is as necessary as sleeping and resting. When to take some ?, when the body asks for it. Everything is for the sake of your health, science says.

Check the study here.