How is this happening?

Did you know that tobacco use is an important risk factor for the oral cancer and other types of Cancer ? Currently, between 75 and 90% of the oral tumors They are also caused by this bad habit.

Tobacco use is a risk factor for oral health . Any smoker, who consumes between 3 and 20 cigarettes a day, already has a strong health problem that will reduce his lung capacity, causing respiratory problems such as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and his heart rate will be affected.

Regarding the damages of tobacco consumption to the oral cavity, there are problems ranging from small aesthetic changes, loss of supporting bone of the teeth , decrease in the sensations of taste and smell, halitosis (bad breath), periodontal disease , nicotinic palatinitis and leukoplakia, up cancer of the oral cavity and cancer of the lip.


How is this happening?

The tar and nicotine concentration of the cigarette accumulates in certain parts, such as the dental roots, tongue and papillae, palate, mucous membranes and floor of the mouth. Once this happens, the pitch formed by both will make the Dentobacterial plaque It binds much faster and with greater force than under normal conditions.

The formation of tartar , consequence of the calcification of the Dentobacterial plaque (now also called Biofilm), will take a much faster process, and unfortunately will make cleaning at home difficult, which also concerns the dentist.

The pitch will not be easy to remove, and if the patient consumes tobacco immediately after leaving the dental office, the cycle in which the pitch forms and accumulates begins again.

Tobacco consumption, on a regular basis, induces significant changes in the oral mucosa; These consist of the appearance of colorations and various injuries, and the oral carcinoma .

The teeth are marked due to the products of the tar in the smoke, which dissolve in the saliva and penetrate the tooth through the enamel, even reaching the dentine, where the stain is diffused.

Its color can vary from dark yellow to black, depending on the type and amount of tobacco consumption. Over time, gums they begin to retract, leaving the root of the tooth exposed. This retraction causes the formation of a space between the surface of the tooth and gum , in which bacteria and food residues accumulate that give rise to the gingivitis .

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