How is the natural lubricant produced?

The lubricant for a good sex is a substance that you can acquire in many places. From the pharmacy to a store specializing in sex toys, it is relatively easy to find and can give new life to sex as a couple.

Many women have the false idea that the lubricant is used only for anal sex, when in reality a very high percentage of women do not produce enough natural lubricant, and could greatly benefit from the artificial component. But first, let's try to understand where the problem comes from:


How is the natural lubricant produced?

When a woman is aroused, the blood is concentrated in the walls of the vagina (as it does in the penis of men) and this causes the glands to release a translucent fluid that covers the walls.

This process has to do with the amount of estrogen in the woman's body, and the lack or reduction of this natural lubricant can cause discomfort when having sex.

1.- Pleasure to the maximum: Did you know that women have sex more pleasant when they use lubricant? At Journal of Sexual Medicine A study was published that spoke exactly of that.

The explanation is very simple, when you rub two objects dry friction can cause discomfort and irritation. The less resistance there is in the rub, the more the final result is enjoyed.

2.- Choose the right one: The water-based lubricant is more recommended because it does not damage condoms, it is usually cheaper and less aggressive with your female parts. However, for the same reason that it is mostly water, it evaporates quickly with friction and you may have to reapply it several times.

Meanwhile, silicone-based lubricants are not as thick, but last longer without losing their effect. If you are going to have sex in water this is the product you should buy. They are not recommended for oral sex and you can not use them with silicone toys because you can spoil them.

3.- Previous romp: If the purpose of your visit to the sex shop is more experimental, there are lubricants that are cooled or heated with friction. These gels are good to put some extra fun into your relationship but be careful, many women do not like the sensation during penetration. Start using them only to "warm up" until you're sure you do not dislike heat or cold.

4.- Special care: For your lubricant to maintain the proper texture you should keep it in a cool, safe and sex place, and do not forget to check the expiration date before using it.

Do not forget to check the ingredients of the lubricants to prevent the appearance of allergies or that any of the components generate irritations on the skin or on the genitals of the couple. And you, have you used any lubricant for a good sex?

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