How is prostate cancer generated?

The Pan American Health Organization (OPS) ensures that cancer is the second cause of death in Latin America, however, a timely detection can cure or lengthen the lives of people as is the case of these seven presidents with cancer in Latin America.

The theme of presidents with cancer regains importance after the announcement of Juan Manuel Santos , president of Colombia, on his diagnosis of prostate cancer and his next operation on October 3 at a clinic in Bogotá to remove the tumor.

The Colombian president, 61, says doctors guarantee a recovery of 97%, because it is not an aggressive cancer; In addition, timely detection will influence this process.

Juan Manuel Santos, who has a family history of prostate cancer, details that during a medical examination an abnormal increase in prostate antigen was detected, so it was necessary to perform a biopsy and confirm the presence of tumor .

How is prostate cancer generated?

The causes of prostate cancer are still unknown, however, some risk factors have been detected, such as overweight or family history, such as the case of Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos.

But what is this neoplasm? In an interview for GetQoralHealth, Carlos Pacheco, specialist in prostate cancer e explains:

Presidents with cancer in Latin America

In recent years, cancer cases have increased in Latin America. Even some presidents have revealed the suffering of this disease, who have taken long treatment to overcome the neoplasm and improve their quality of life.


  1. Rene Preval: This former president of Haiti, was one of the first who suffered cancer, to register a tumor in the prostate. He underwent surgery in 2001 and took a treatment in Cuba.
  2. Dilma Rousseff: The first case was of the current president of Brazil, who was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer in April 2009; However, with a chemotherapy treatment and the removal of the tumor, it enjoys a good state of health.

  3. Fernando Lugo: The head of Paraguay was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer in August 2010, after removing a lymph node in his groin. The president underwent treatment for neoplasia in Paraguay and Brazil.

  4. Hugo Chavez: The president of Venezuela announced in June 2011 that he had cancer and that he would undergo surgery to remove a tumor in the pelvic region. So far, the president continues with his treatment of fight against the neoplasia.
  5. Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva: The former president of Brazil was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx in October 2011, so he had to undergo chemotherapy treatment.

  6. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner: The president of Argentina announced in December 2011 the presence of a malignant tumor in the thyroid gland. However, after undergoing surgery where the tumor was removed, his spokesmen discarded the presence of the neoplasm and detailed that they were follicular adenomas.

Currently, these presidents with cancer lead a normal life, due to the treatments to which they are subjected, as well as their dedication in the fight against neoplasia. And you, do you know other presidents with cancer? If you want to know more about this disease, click here.

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