How does this body conditioner work?

In order to improve the texture of the skin, especially for those women who have little time and do not often use a body cream, a new product arises: NIVEA Under the Shower , the first body conditioner .

About, Karina López, Commercial Marketing Director of NIVEA Mexico , says: "Innovation, revolution and commitment are key words in the language of NIVEA. We are very proud to be the leading brand in skin care, just because we always set trends. "

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How does this body conditioner work?

According to Karina López this product was created for people who have normal or very dry skin. Its use is very simple and fast:

NIVEA Under the Shower it does not replace soap; before applying it you should bathe it with your usual soap and with clean skin apply this conditioner, you rinse and ready ".

It is 100% hypoallergenic and can be used by men and women: "It is a new way for your skin to be hydrated, to protect it from external factors such as rain, humidity, dust and pollution".

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