How does an excess of confidence develop?

Element, that to a lesser or greater degree, is present in the human being, the trust has as objective in our life to help us to assume risk and reduce the stress that this implies, since it is expected that the choice made is correct. However, what happens when there is an excess of confidence?

According to Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, Trust can be defined as the firm hope you have of someone, or the security that you have in yourself. But in many cases an exaggerated sense of one's own abilities develops, an illusion in which one has control over uncontrollable events and which are invulnerable to risk.

This situation can have a dramatic influence on decisions, producing errors.


How does an excess of confidence develop?

1. Greater risks. An investigation carried out by Dominic Johnson and James Fowler, of the University of Edinburgh and the University of California, San Diego , indicates that the excess of confidence increases according to the magnitude of the lack of certainty. Therefore, the higher the risk, the more self-confidence the subject should develop.

2. Victory. When we achieve what we want, we confirm the certainty of our actions or beliefs. Before observing the circumstances that favored the success we prefer to simply attribute that "victory" to our capabilities. This begins a circle that constantly reaffirms self-confidence.

3. Emotional relationships. For Paula Man, sports psychologist, this state can be reaffirmed or increased by comments from family, friends or partner, that feed or exalt the qualities of the person.

Although in their study Johnson and Fowler, they point out that if the potential reward is at least twice as high as the cost of competing, then overconfidence becomes the best strategy. On average, overconfidence is even advantageous since it increases the ambition, determination, morals and persistence of the individual.

Although the problem of this condition arises when the person makes a mistake, since there is a feeling of guilt, failure and frustration.

Remember, all excesses are bad, but to be able to face life is necessary the confidence in oneself. Find your own balance.

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