How do you combine bike + yoga?

To practice yoga In the last decade, it has become one of the most beneficial activities for human beings. Now, imagine that in addition to staying relaxed, you can combine it with a very effective cardiovascular exercise to burn calories, such as cycling, as a result of spinning yoga.

In this sense, spinning yoga is very important mainly for two types of people; On the one hand, for those who complete a spinning session is too much, and on the other hand, for those who are looking for something relaxation against him stress by practicing yoga and without neglecting the cardiovascular condition, according to


How do you combine bike + yoga?

Spinning yoga sessions are not yet fully unified, so according to each instructor is that a class is held. There are sessions in which the two activities are clearly differentiated, first the body temperature is increased with the bicycle and then it becomes calm when practicing yoga .

Others have a process of gradual change, when they get off the bike they are balance exercises, standing next to the bicycle and using it as a support before going to the ground and working according to the level of the participants; Sometimes muscle work is also done, abdominal exercises, lumbar, buttocks, and in the end yoga traditional.

There are even instructors who in the search for this exercise to be more original, on the same bike they do active pauses, that is, pedaling at low intensity with traditional postures of the yoga modified to be able to make them on the bike, as shown in the following yoga promotional video of light:


Benefits of bike + yoga

When practicing yoga , the postures or asanas They help the muscles contracted by exercise. Also, create flexibility where there is only force, which balances the action, according to the site

Also, many find relief from muscle pain caused by stiffness in the lower and upper body. To others it allows an optimal alignment of your spine.

Its benefits go beyond just a gym or at home, because riding a bicycle (amateur or professional) requires intense concentration and approaches to succeed (especially when practicing mountain biking or in the middle of traffic).

In this sense, the yoga allows you to focus on breathing and cultivate the consciousness of the mind and body, which can be transferred to the bicycle to maintain a calm and clear mind.

Therefore, it is considered that yoga and spinning can make you achieve Zen, while you burn calories to get fit.

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