How do they decide to end up with you?

For most women it is very difficult to make the decision to end a relationship, as they analyze all the pros and cons of the relationship, but how do they decide to end them?

According to a survey conducted by , portal dedicated to terminate relationships, relationships, women They take six days to finish a relationship, while they think about it for up to a month.

The researchers detail that they devote three weeks to discuss it with their friends to decide the best way to end your partner. Then, they use 10 more days to design the plan to give the bad news.

In contrast, women do not reflect on things for a long time, they take decisions fast and terminate the relationship immediately, since they believe that you should not waste time with the wrong person.

In the survey it is detailed that the majority of men (53%) make an examination of conscience before making the decision, compared to 23% of women.

Even, 16% of men stay in a relationship where it is not happy , if there was a hope to improve the relationship.

The study authors explain that men have less confidence to make a pain-free rupture plan. And you, how would you end a relationship where you are not comfortable?

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