How can you learn to eat?

When you eat, do you feel guilt? One way to know ourselves is to recognize our relationship with food.

"Our emotions have a direct impact on what we eat, ideally having a friendly, grateful and healthy encounter with food, since otherwise eating and suffering become two sides of the same coin," says Karla Morales, a psychologist with specialty in eating disorders.


How can you learn to eat?

Many of us have had problems with our relationship with food; Some may even record the following types of suffering:


  1. Continue hungry despite having eaten.
  2. We can not resist certain types of food that could be unsuitable for our health, as well as eating them and feeling guilty.
  3. Suffering because the weight is not what we believe, shame and be angry with our body.
  4. Spending a lot on supplements, diets, special meals and feel disappointed by not achieving to lose those extra pounds.
  5. Suffering constipation, gastritis, feeling heavy, too full, having heartburn, heartburn or any condition related to our way of eating.


Learn to eat and take care of your health!

If you suffer from any of these five types of suffering related to food, begin to apply these principles:

  1. Recognize what you are eating at that precise moment. Is it a way to stop feeling pain? To evade your feelings?
  2. Stop every five minutes while you are eating and pause to feel if you are already satisfied. In that pause, thank the fact of having food and tell your body that you love it and that you do not want to harm it.
  3. Think about how you can show respect love to yourself while you eat. Thank your body for the miracle of digestion and be aware of every bite.

Your relationship with food is a metaphor for your relationship with life, so learn to eat in a healthy way, so you have excellent health and well-being. And you, do you know how to learn to eat?

Video Medicine: Children's Rehabilitation: Learning to Eat (May 2024).