Hormones do not cause homosexuality

Very unfortunate were those statements of the Bolivian president Evo Morales, in which he ensured that the fattened chickens with hormones they were the cause of homosexuality . Nothing more false.

The origin of homosexuality is still under investigation. Recently, it was discovered that there was a genetic condition Y chromosomal from the moment when the ovule was fertilized. Multiple genetic studies continue to be carried out in different directions, from analyzes on inheritance patterns, to investigations using ligand techniques, or DNA sequences.

The doctor Erick Quesada, Costa Rican psychologist, specialist in the field, has studied the gene androgen receptor (androgenic hormones are responsible for the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics in men such as body hair, beard and thick voice, among others) and have not been found differences between men homosexuals and not homosexuals.


Hormonal levels and homosexuality

What does constitute a certainty is that the relationship between hormonal levels and homosexuality has been ruled out for a long time, Dr. Quesada says. Some studies on prenatal hormones (originating during pregnancy) discovered, however, that a high amount of testosterone I could masculinize the brain , while a diminished amount, feminize it; at some point, this condition was proposed as the cause of lesbianism and homosexuality.

However, these ideas are not conclusive, adds the specialist, given that it is possible that the brain adult change because of the hormones (which does not cause a change in the sexual orientation ) and because some characteristics of the brain do not depend on hormones, but apparently on the chromosomal sex of it, that is, if it is the brain of a man or a woman.


Sexual orientation from childhood: taboo subject

According to the doctor Eusebio Rubio , outgoing president of the World Association for Sexual Health, "during the childhood you can not know what the sexual orientation of an individual will be, since at five, seven or ten years old children can have, in different traits of their behavior, some indication that reveals that they can be homosexuals , in spite of that, nothing assures us that when they are adults they really are. "

In a recent report on homophobic school bullying published in the supplement S of the newspaper The Journey , the specialist notes that, however, some testimonies of adult gay men and women, reveal that the attraction towards people of same sex, or perceiving oneself in a body that did not correspond to them -as happens to people transgender and intersex -, they felt it from their childhood.

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