Hormone replacement reduces the effects of the climacteric

In our country, the Mexican Social Security Institute offers the possibility of providing timely diagnoses, to provide the appropriate treatment and to define the candidates for the "Hormone replacement", This technique allows to avoid sudden changes, both physiological and emotional, and maintain the integral balance.

In Mexico, about 46% of women suffer from severe symptoms of menopause , which causes 80% of them, loss of sexual appetite. In addition, family life and work environment are also affected, due to the decrease of estrogen and sudden emotional changes.

Dr. Leticia González Martínez, of Gynecopediatric Hospital Number 3A, added that the deficiency hormonal at this stage, it causes family conflicts, especially when adolescent children are also suffering important changes, while their relationship problems are generated because the libido decreases or, sometimes, there is no sexual desire.

The specialist considered that in the work aspect also, conflicts are generated and intensified because women with natural cessation of menstruation, frequently experience rejection, anger, irritability, depression and feelings of guilt, as well as sweating or perception of unexpected heat that bothers the patients.


Development of the climacteric

- Physiologically, this condition comes after 45 years of age. - In 75% of cases, it is reflected in some symptoms such as sudden heat, extreme sweating (even in cold weather), vaginal dryness and sudden changes in character.

The climacteric has three stages and in all there can be conflicts:

- Premenopause

- Menopause

- Postmenopause.


Studies for hormone replacement

It is important that all women become aware of their body, the changes and the consequences they may have. The important thing is the timely detection of patients in the menopause stage and the candidates for treatment with hormone replacement.

First, a pap smear, mammography, general basic laboratory studies and pelvic ultrasound are done to ensure that there are no risk factors for cervical or breast cancer, and once ruled out, hormone replacement is prescribed according to each patient.

This treatment will preserve the physical and psychological balance, generating the harmony necessary to feel good in all aspects. These studies should be done before 45 years of age, as a preventive treatment for the climacteric.