Honey with lemon

One of the most annoying symptoms is undoubtedly the sore throat . The irritation of this area is mainly related to infections and inflammation, that's why we show you How to treat pharyngitis with home remedies .

According to a study published by Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology , pharyngitis, should regularly be treated with antibiotics, but home remedies can alleviate the discomfort.

These are the natural alternatives:


Honey with lemon

Honey is a natural analgesic that decreases in pain, accompanying it with lemon is more effective, since its content in vitamin C is high.


Cinnamon tea

The cinnamon It has healing properties that relieve pain and strengthen the immune system.


Ginger tea

This tubercle is desinflamante and its medicinal properties reduce the discomfort.



Sodium bicarbonate

Gargling with baking soda is an excellent option, helps eliminate bacteria that could also cause sore throat.

Nature offers us some of these alternatives to reduce symptoms and discomforts, these options for treat pharyngitis with home remedies They are very effective


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