Honey is depleted in Mexico due to climate change

Also known as 'The nectar of the gods' , the honey It has become an essential element in people's lives, not only for its delicious taste, but also for its healing, astringent and regenerative properties of the human body.

However, these benefits are being reduced by the climate change that affects the Yucatan peninsula, which has caused a drop of at least 50% in honey production in that region.

The outlook is still bleak and that for the counselor of the Union of Beekeepers of Yucatan, Nelly Ortiz Vázquez, this year "does not paint anything well", due to the lack of rain, intense heat and cold fronts.

Figures that affect the economy

According to the president of the Mayan Apicultural Society, Miguel Lara Sosa, so far this year they have harvested 40 tons of honey , whereas in the same period of the previous year there were thousand tons.

At the beginning of 2010, the producers set themselves the goal of harvesting 10 thousand tons of honey and send in April, 1,500 tons to Europe, but according to Lara Sosa with the problems they face, it will be extremely difficult to achieve.

Properties of honey

Some of the benefits that honey gives are:

1.- Improves digestion and assimilation of other foods ; regularizes intestinal functioning.

2.- Decreases the duration of diarrhea caused by organisms such as Salmonella Y Shigella.

The honey , besides moisturizing the skin, it gives elasticity to the whole body; using it as a mask, it helps in the decrease of free radicals, since it regenerates the cells of the organism.

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