Homosexuality is not the parents' fault

There are many theories about homosexuality; One of the most freceuntes questions is, if someone is born gay or is made. Definitely genetics plays an important part, but is there also a family influence? Can homosexuality be the fault of parents?

Eventually these genetic theory have fallen over the years. Since the seventies, the Institute Kinsey He conducted several studies where no evidence was found that could support such theories. Since then, there has been no scientific evidence to prove that the behavior of parents can change the sexual orientation of children.

A study published byKansas State University , Manhattan, reveals that the children of homosexual parents, can adapt patterns of behavior similar to that of their parents, by imitation and to identify with their parents, but not necessarily have a tendency homosexual .

According to Mexican Association for Sexual Health, AMSSAC , the sexual orientation It is defined by 3 main characteristics:


  • Feel a clear attraction to people who are of your same sex.
  • The desire to have a loving relationship with people of the same sex
  • Have fantasies with people of the same sex

The AMSSAC, highlights the importance of clarifying that a male, even if it is "female" in his way of expressing himself or in behaviors or activities that he decides to undertake and are not expected attitudes to the correspondence of his gender, just as a woman is "rough", It does not mean that he is homosexual.

Regularly in the stage of adolescence when a person defines their sexual orientation.

Therefore, the homosexuality is not the parents' fault , as long as they do not incite them to certain behaviors and pressure them to define their sexual orientation towards a tendency.

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