Homeopathy, an alternative for minors

Homeopathy is known to be a gentle and effective way to cure diseases. Naturally, it is considered safe for children, babies, the elderly and even for pregnant women.

Homeopathy works according to the principle of the Law of peers. According to this principle, the same thing that causes the disease also has the cure. The body is gradually exposed to the substances that cause it, stimulating the body's immune system, which decreases the risk of these diseases occurring.

The good thing about homeopathy is that it is not toxic. Apart from that, it is ideal for children, since it is slightly sweet mostly in any of its presentations, of pills, powders and liquids. According to the surveys, children and babies respond well to homeopathic treatment. In a study conducted by Medscape, about 38.4% of the adults surveyed and 41.8% of the children, were very satisfied with the treatment. In the same study, children responded better to homeopathic treatments.

In addition to treating existing diseases, homeopathic treatment can also strengthen the child's immune system and help him regain his health.

Homeopathy is recommended for children suffering from asthma, who wet the bed, have skin rashes, bruises, ear infections, tonsillitis, irritability, restlessness, frequent stomach discomfort, diarrhea and dizziness. There are even doctors who use homeopathy to treat infectious diseases such as measles, chicken pox and mumps.


Some diseases that cure

Homeopathic pharmacies sell some medicines that can be used for simple problems. These are some of them and the recommended remedy.


  • Skin rash: Calendula cream that is both antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.
  • Teething: Chamomile, relieves pain, especially if the baby is crying inconsolably.
  • Cough, cold and fever: Belladonna, Jasmine, Pulsatilla and Black Walnut.

For minor symptoms, there is no need to take your child to the homeopath since children and babies tend to respond quickly to treatment. However, if your condition does not improve quickly, then it is best to consult the homeopathic pediatrician.

Even if your child is taking homeopathic treatment, maintain your relationship with your pediatrician. It may be necessary to carry out both homeopathic and conventional treatment to ensure the safety and health of your child. For example, if you have severe asthma, it is dangerous to stop conventional treatment just because you are following a homeopathic one.

When getting a homeopathic doctor for your child, make sure you are enrolled in the Homeopathic Society. Check your references to make sure you are not a charlatan.

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