Hives / Dermatitis

The rhythm of life, work and family problems are situations that put us constantly in stress . This can be reflected in our body and cause nerve diseases of the skin . Some of them are:


Hives / Dermatitis

It is produced by the release of a substance called histamine When it leaves the blood vessels it causes swelling and hives.

Urticaria is classified as acute and chronic.


The acute lasts less than 6 weeks and the chronic one more than 6 weeks.

The treatment to follow is antihistamines and avoid situations of stress.



Acne is caused by the accumulation of fat in the pores. When we are facing a stress situation the sweat glands are activated producing large amounts of sweat and

sebum that produce shoots.

When we stress we release cortiso l, is known as the stress hormone, if you do not control the acne will continue playing.

Complications can be painful.


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It is a condition known to the redness of the skin . It mainly affects the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead.

It gives an appearance similar to acne but without pimples, the main feature is redness.


The most frequent ages of the onset of rosacea is between 30 and 50 years of age.

Among the complications is the deformation of the nose and redness of the eyes.

The United States Institute of Health He published a study of the relationship between the nervous system and the epidermis.

In this study it is mentioned that it is possible to avoid these diseases through polyneuropathy, a neurological process that directly affects the peripheral nerves.



Skin flaccidity

Although you do not believe it, flaccidity can also cause stress and nerves.

This usually happens after 35 years of age. The skin stops producing collagen and elastin , which are the fibers that maintain the elasticity of the skin.

When you do not get enough sleep and do not drink the necessary water the skin becomes flaccid. The fibers are more easily lost.



The wrinkles They can be a sign that there is an internal inflammation.

Some of the internal inflammations arise from stress, the structure of the skin and the substances it contains undergo changes.

Stress can cause premature skin aging. The lines of expression appear mainly on the forehead, eyes and around the lips

Antioxidants are recommended as Omega 3 .

The skin is a reflection of our physical, psychological and mental state. That is why in our body the nerve diseases of the skin .


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